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New Veneer Exterior Siding

Our process for veneer exterior siding installation is straightforward. We begin by removing existing siding, applying a scratch coating, and laying down underlayments. The next step involves mortaring the system in place, and we return once it’s dry to grout everything. Often, we incorporate stone veneer during a re-siding project. As the siding is already being removed for installation, homeowners find it convenient to add stone veneer as a stylish upgrade to their garage or along their back patio.


Is Stone Veneer Right For My Home?

Whether stone veneer is suitable for your home is a subjective decision. Your preference for the natural look it offers is crucial. If you’re looking to install it, the primary consideration should be whether you like it. When evaluating stone veneer as an investment, it’s essential to consider the return on investment (ROI).


What is the ROI on Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is a top choice for enhancing your home’s resale value and maximizing ROI. When selling your home, you can typically recoup nearly 97% of the cost of the stone veneer installation. Stone veneer offers an excellent ROI, and it’s one of the most recommended materials for home upgrades. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home soon, stone veneer adds sophistication, making it a highly desirable choice. With its substantial ROI, stone veneer is a superb option for upgrading your home’s exterior during a remodel. While natural stone is exceptionally durable, it involves more intricate labor and comes at a higher price point.


Faux Stone

Stone veneer is a manufactured “faux stone” created from cement and natural aggregates. It matches the beauty and durability of natural stone. It serves as a striking accent wall on your home’s front or side. When renovating your front or back porch, stone veneer also adds elegance and sophistication, especially when used as pillars or columns leading to your entry.



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How much does veneer siding cost?

Exterior Vinyl Siding Repair truck


Vinyl siding can be a wonderful addition to bring life back to the exterior of your Long Island home. New vinyl siding not only increases energy efficiency and boosts your home’s value, it can refresh your home’s exterior and leave it looking brand new! But selecting a top-quality vinyl siding is only the first step. There are so many choices in colors and textures, now, make sure you check them all out before you decide. A professional installation by Expressway seals the deal, ensuring your siding looks great, improves efficiency and lasts for many years to come.

High-quality siding can be the definitive, charm-defining feature of your property and if you want to make a solid statement, cedar siding is the most excellent choice. It has a warm and natural look and is also one of the most durable types of exterior siding available on the market. Cedar adds character to any building and provides a unique, distinguished look. A professional installation by Expressway seals the deal, ensuring your cedar siding looks great, improves efficiency and lasts for many years to come. 

The simple lines and ease of installation of Dutch lap siding have made this vinyl siding option the most popular cladding for Long Island homes. Today’s vinyl Dutch lap siding colors and styles offer different textures, shadow lines and shades to meet every Long Island home or business owner’s preferences. You can’t  go wrong with choosing a Dutch lap siding. In addition to its comparative affordability to other siding options, it is simple and easy to clean and maintain. And because it’s vinyl, it holds up well against NY weather. 

We’ve helped 100s of Long Islanders improve the curb appeal of their homes and businesses, all while adding the strength and durability that can only come with steel. Every Expressway metal siding project starts with heavy-gauge, hot-dipped, galvanized steel.  And because metal siding is specifically cut to the exact dimensions of your home, your new steel siding will provide a sleek and sophisticated look without any seams. Our expert installation specialists ensure your siding will virtually wrap your home in a premium layer of protection.

Expressway is highly-qualified and experienced with stucco siding and similar services.  If you are looking for a specialized home or business siding professional for your next stucco siding repair or install project, then you are in luck! To help ensure your stucco siding job is a smooth and hassle-free process, we are the right professionals to call for the delicate task of installing or repairing your stucco.  A professional stucco siding installation by Expressway ensures your stucco siding will look great for years to come.

If you’re improving your home’s exterior or planning to get rid of your old, beaten up siding, maybe  consider getting fiber cement siding installed. Fiber cement siding has many benefits you can enjoy. Fiber cement siding comes in a myriad of colors, textures and styles that mimic other conventional siding materials like stucco, clapboards or cedar shingles. It’s durable because it’s made from a combination of sand, cement and wood fiber. It can survive longer than other contemporary siding materials because it is resistant to fire, wind and insect infestation. 

Wood siding comes in a variety of styles. The most common styles include board and batten, shakes, shingles, and clapboards. Giving a natural, warm appearance and timeless beauty, builders often choose wood for premium projects. Pine and cedar are the two main wood species used for exterior siding. Cedar types include eastern white cedar, red cedar and Alaskan yellow cedar; each type has a color true to its name. While pine siding can be very affordable, it can’t resist rot and insects like cedar can.

As stone veneer siding has gained in popularity, more and more companies began producing natural stone siding that is cut to a standard thickness from quarried stone. The most obvious advantages associated with real stone veneer siding is that A) it is real stone B) it is much lighter in weight and therefore much easier to install and fit precisely and C) the stone patterns, textures and shades just can’t be replicated by any other veneer. When properly installed and cared for, stone veneer siding lasts indefinitely and stands the tests of Long Island’s weather.

Our guys are all professional brick siding installation experts. That’s our bread and butter! We’ve been providing brick siding installation services to residential and commercial clients for over 22 years. Brick veneers are usually made from thin slices of real brick/stone, or a concrete composite. The finish offers the beauty and low-maintenance of brick and stone; however, it weighs much less and doesn’t require additional structural support. Quality brick veneers are both attractive and durable and will last for decades.

A huge advantage of engineered wood siding is that it is highly durable. It withstands the weather better, wards off insects, and even resists fire for a certain duration compared to natural wood. The chemicals used on it dramatically increase its durability and longevity, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Another benefit of having engineered wood siding on your home is that it reduces noise pollution. Engineered wood will serve you well if you want practicality while sacrificing a little bit of the exterior appearance. 



Stone veneers are exceptionally appealing due to their stunning visual resemblance to natural stone. They capture the rich textures, earthy colors, and authentic details of real stone, enhancing the aesthetic of any home. The versatility of stone veneers enables them to be used for various applications, from exterior facades to interior accent walls, adding sophistication and charm to spaces. Stone veneer’s timeless and elegant appearance creates a visually striking environment that evokes a sense of warmth and beauty, making it a favored choice for homeowners seeking an attractive and enduring design.

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Faux stone, or stone veneer, offers an appealing aesthetic with its remarkably authentic appearance. It mimics the beauty and texture of natural stone, making it visually captivating. Faux stone’s versatility allows homeowners to achieve the look and feel of real stone without the high cost and labor-intensive installation. Its visual appeal extends to various applications, from exterior accent walls to interior design elements. Whether used in home renovations or new construction, faux stone enhances the overall look of the space, creating a captivating and stylish environment.

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